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Innovation Meets the Show

Discover a new dimension of entertainment with Stellair Show’s illuminated drone shows. Combining cutting-edge technology and artistic creativity, our air shows transform the sky into a luminous canvas.

The perfect blend of technology and innovation

Stellair Show is at the cutting edge of drone lighting technology. Our 800 devices are equipped with the latest innovations, enabling synchronized movements and breathtaking lighting effects. This technology offers not only reliable performance, but also an infinite variety of artistic possibilities, making every show a unique work of art.

Combine magic and light

One of the major assets of a drone light show is its ability to create a magical atmosphere. Lighting, an essential element of any show, takes on a new dimension here. The drones light up the sky, creating shapes, patterns and sequences that amaze the audience. A veritable symphony of lights awaits your eyes, transforming every event into a magical moment.

suitable for a variety of venues and events

The great advantage of illuminated drone shows is their adaptability. Whether for a large outdoor event, an indoor show or even iconic sites such as the Pont du Gard or Mont Saint Michel, our drones are designed to adapt to different environments. This flexibility makes our shows the ideal choice for a wide range of events, from concerts to wedding ceremonies.

Illuminated drones :
how does a show work?

It takes around 60 days to organize a drone show from A to Z.


initial consultation

We’ll get in touch to discuss your needs and expectations.


Preparing the show

Our experts and professional drone pilots work together to create a unique light drone choreography.



On the day of the event, our drones light up the sky, creating shapes and patterns that captivate the audience. The show is perfectly synchronized with other elements, such as music and pyrotechnic effects.

Safety and compliance

Safety is one of our top priorities. We use intelligent control technology to ensure perfect synchronization of our drones and minimize risk. Our teams take care of obtaining all the necessary authorizations for the show. All our shows comply with current regulations, and a safety zone is set up for each event. Before the show, a series of tests and checks are carried out to ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely.


Our catalog shows 

From €15,000 excl. Stellair Show offers a wide range of illuminated drone shows from its catalog. They are designed to adapt to a multitude of events. Whether you’re organizing a concert, ceremony or festival, they offer an unforgettable visual and emotional experience.

Ou tailored-made show

From €18,500 excl. For those looking to create a truly unique show, we also offer bespoke options. Our team of experts works closely with you to turn your vision into a dazzling reality. From the choice of music to the choreography of the drones, the addition of pyrotechnics, the projection of photos… every aspect of the show is customizable.

Frequently asked questions

Prices vary according to the number of drones used, the duration of the show, the complexity of the show… Our lighted drone shows start at €15,000 ex VAT.

A drone show is a show performed in a darkened space, where aerial drones equipped with lighting devices perform a choreography synchronized with various elements (music, projections, pyrotechnics…). The drones communicate with a computer that organizes their movements according to the choreography devised by our technicians.

To organize a drone show, you first need to contact a specialized company like Stellair Show. After an initial consultation, a plan is drawn up based on your needs. Then all the necessary permits are obtained and the technical preparations are made.

The number of drones used varies according to the show, but at Stellair Show we typically use between 100 and 800 drones to create stunning visual effects.

Drone shows are perfect for a wide variety of events: weddings, festivals, concerts, opening ceremonies, corporate events…

Stellair Show uses intelligent control technology to ensure perfect synchronization between drones, music and other show elements.

The average duration of a drone show at Stellair Show is usually between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on the specific needs of the event.

Yes, authorizations are required, such as that from the French Civil Aviation Safety Authority (DSAC). We take care of all these administrative procedures to ensure that the show complies with safety standards.

Yes, our drone shows are entirely customizable: the number of drones, the music, the choreography, the addition of projections or pyrotechnics… The only limit is your imagination!

Ready to light up your events ?