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elevate your union to new heights

Imagine the sky lit up by a drone show on the night of your wedding. A unique moment, where technology and romance meet to create unforgettable memories, where the celestial sphere becomes the canvas for expressing your love.

The drone show: a guaranteed delight

Wonder is at the heart of every wedding. Make yours unique with a ballet of lights in the sky, perfectly synchronized with the music of your choice. Our technologically advanced drones captivate audiences and add a spectacular dimension to your event.

Illuminated drones: limitless creativity

In the world of weddings, entertainment is often limited by space or equipment constraints. With a drone show, these limits are pushed back. Our team of professionals uses technology to offer you a turnkey package or create your own customized show. Whether you want a romantic, starry sky thanks to our 800 drones, or aerial formations that tell your love story, our offer is as vast as your imagination.

The magic of an evening, the memory of an eternity

The wedding is a unique day that remains engraved in our memories. Why not make it even more unforgettable with a drone show? Our aerial videos captured during the show will let you relive these magical moments again and again. By choosing a drone show, you’re offering your audience an experience they won’t soon forget.

Illuminated drones :
how does a show work?

Expertise in drone technology

At Stellair Show, technology isn’t just a tool, it’s a passion. Our team is made up of professionals and artists with a passion for the drone business. We use state-of-the-art drones to create shows that go beyond the ordinary. Whether for aerial photography or wedding entertainment, our expertise in drone technology enables us to offer you a unique experience.

It takes around 60 days to organize a drone show from A to Z.


initial consultation

We’ll get in touch to discuss your needs and expectations.


Preparing the show

Our experts and professional drone pilots work together to create a unique light drone choreography.



On the day of the event, our drones light up the sky, creating shapes and patterns that captivate the audience. The show is perfectly synchronized with other elements, such as music and pyrotechnic effects.

Safety and compliance

Safety is our top priority. All our drones comply with the regulations of the French Civil Aviation Authority (Direction de l’Aviation Civile). Before each show, a series of tests and checks are carried out to ensure that everything runs smoothly. What’s more, our pilots are trained and certified, ensuring total control of the drone in the sky. A safety zone is set up to prevent accidents.

Celebrate your wedding with our illuminated drones: endless possibilities

Drone show from our catalog

From €9,000 excl. Choose from our light-up drone shows in our catalog. Our shows are meticulously conceived and designed to suit a variety of occasions. Our drones create magnificent figures in the sky, offering a captivating artistic experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Custom drone show

From €15,000 excl. If you’re looking to express your uniqueness, tell your love story and give your evening the ultimate in romance, Stellair Show’s teams design custom lighted drone choreography. You choose everything from A to Z: music, duration, colors… You can also project logos, photos, inscribe words, transport objects… That evening, our stars will shine for you.

Frequently asked questions

The duration of a drone show varies according to your needs and the type of show you choose. Our shows generally last between 5 and 15 minutes.

During the initial consultation, we discuss your needs, desires and wedding theme. This allows us to understand your vision and to offer you a show that’s just like you. This can be done by video.

Yes, weather conditions can affect the show. In the event of heavy rain or strong winds, the drone show may be postponed for safety reasons.

Safety is our top priority. Our drones comply with the regulations of the French Civil Aviation Authority (Direction de l’Aviation Civile). Before each show, a series of tests and checks are carried out. What’s more, a safety zone is set up to prevent accidents.

Yes, it’s perfectly possible to synchronize the drone show with music, photo projections, fireworks or any other element.

We recommend contacting us at least 3 to 6 months in advance to guarantee availability and allow sufficient time for preparation and necessary authorizations.

Our drones are equipped with advanced technologies that ensure perfect synchronization during the show. They are controlled via software, by a team of certified and experienced pilots.

Our shows can be adapted to different types of venue, from open spaces to more confined spaces. However, certain constraints may apply depending on local regulations.

Yes, we offer high-quality aerial videos and photos taken during the show, so you can relive those magical moments.

Ready to light up your events ?