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Discover a world where technology and art merge in a captivating aerial ballet. Welcome to our world of glowing drone shows.

Design and production of drone light shows

The drone show is totally different from all the other entertainment you’re used to seeing.

This is a true artistic and technological performance in which a varying number of drones equipped with LED lights are programmed to fly in formation, creating patterns, images and even stories in the sky.

At Stellair Show, we take this innovation a step further, integrating pyrotechnics, projection and sound to create complete, multi-dimensional drone shows.

Our video shows


Equipped with high-powered LEDs, 110 drones will light up the sky, creating a variety of tableaux. A surprising show, as magical as it is ecological!


On Monday January 1, 2024, the Montgenèvre Tourist Office organized the first luminous drone show in the Hautes-Alpes.

Rugby World Cup – 2023

Memories of a memorable drone show to mark the opening of the Rugby World Cup

A show to suit every event 

From weddings to corporate events, community shows to any special occasion, we have the drone show to meet your expectations and surprise your audience.

Catalog Show

The Catalogue offer is a turnkey package. The show is already graphically designed with shapes and color schemes that will appeal to your audience. Contact our team to discover our show catalog

Tailor-made show

With our tailor-made offer, the drone show offers you unlimited possibilities. From the name of your town to your company logo and the name of your wife. Our artistic team will advise and support you in your choice of the ideal show.

Why choose a drone show for your event?

Cutting-edge technology at the service of art 

At Stellair Show, we use the latest technology to create drone shows that transcend the boundaries of traditional art. Our drones are equipped with powerful electroluminescent LEDs, enabling complex aerial choreography and spectacular lighting effects.

A unique artistic show for the public

Our drone shows offer your audience a unique artistic experience that combines technological innovation with creativity. Drone shows captivate and amaze spectators of all ages.

Light shows replace fireworks

They have little environmental impact and also offer greater flexibility in terms of location and weather conditions. This means you can organize a drone light show over a body of water, downtown or even indoors, without the constraints and risks associated with fireworks.

proven know-how

Meticulously crafted choreography 

The Catalogue offer is a turnkey package. The show is already graphically designed with shapes and color schemes that will appeal to your audience. Contact our team to discover our show catalog

A team of certified drone pilots 

Our drone pilots are certified and experts in the field of drone shows. They work closely with our artistic team to ensure that each show is not only technically flawless, but also artistically incredible.

Safety and compliance at the event venue 

Safety is our top priority. We comply with all current regulations concerning drone flights. Before each event, a risk assessment is carried out to ensure that everything runs smoothly. that each show complies with safety standards


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Frequently asked questions

Booking a light show with Stellair Show is simple. You can contact us via our online form, by e-mail or by phone. After an initial consultation to discuss your requirements, we will provide you with a detailed quotation. Once the quote has been validated, your date is reserved and we begin preparations.

Whereas fireworks use explosives and present environmental risks, our light shows use drones equipped with LEDs. This offers a safer, greener and quieter alternative, while enabling more complex and customizable choreography.

Absolutely, our drone shows are suitable for a wide variety of locations, including indoor spaces, city centers and bodies of water. What’s more, one of the advantages of a drone show is that it captures the attention of audiences of all ages.

We recommend booking at least 60 days in advance, especially during peak periods. This time is needed, among other things, to apply for the permits required for the show to go ahead.

Our drones are capable of flying in a variety of weather conditions, but extreme conditions such as high winds or heavy rain may necessitate a postponement of the show for safety reasons.

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