Illuminated drone shows: safety and regulations, what you need to know

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Lighted drone shows are becoming increasingly popular for their innovative and breathtaking appeal. But behind the magic of these air shows lie safety and regulatory issues. If you’re planning to organize such an event, it’s essential to understand the protocols, authorizations and security zones involved. These are aspects that all reliable service providers master, to guarantee a show that’s both magnificent and safe.

European regulations and illuminated drone shows

Light drone shows in France must comply with European regulations. The latter establishes a strict framework to guarantee the safety of the public, operators and the environment. It is all the more important as it harmonizes practices across the European Union, facilitating the mobility of shows between different countries.

In France, the Direction de la Sécurité de l’Aviation Civile (DSAC) is responsible for applying these European regulations. The DSAC ensures that service providers comply with current standards, particularly in terms of safety zones, pilot training and equipment maintenance. The aim: to avoid at all costs a repeat of the drone accident that occurred in China in 2021. During a show, a large number of drones went out of control, injuring members of the public and damaging vehicles. A disaster that could have been avoided if safety zones had been set up.

So, when choosing a provider for your light drone show, make sure they comply with European regulations and meet stringent safety criteria.

Permits required for a drone show

To organize an illuminated drone show, you need to obtain a series of authorizations from the relevant authorities. In particular, the organizer must hold a specific authorization from the Direction de la Sécurité de l’Aviation Civile (DSAC). This authorization takes into account several factors, such as the location of the show, the technical characteristics of the drones used, as well as flight plans . Organizers must also obtain the approval of local authorities (municipality, police, fire department, etc.), take out civil liability insurance and provide a SORA (Specific Operations Risk Assessment) in order to put in place appropriate safety measures. A reliable service provider, like Stellair, will take care of all these administrative formalities to guarantee a show that is both spectacular and compliant with safety standards.

Illuminated drone show: take-off and safety zones

Take-off and safety zones are crucial to the smooth running of a glowing drone show. These zones are defined by your service provider in advance of the show, and serve to establish the limits within which the drones can operate. Their importance lies in minimizing risks to the public, operators and even the drones themselves.

These zones are calculated according to several parameters, including the size of the site, the proximity of the public and the characteristics of the drones used. For example, the distance between the drones and the public is carefully calculated to avoid any risk of collision or accident. Additional measures, such as barriers or road markings, can also be put in place to enhance safety.

Emergency protocols and safety measures during a glowing drone show

Safety is a top priority when it comes to illuminated drone shows. That’s why emergency protocols are in place to deal with any unforeseen situations or problems that may arise during the show. These protocols may include measures such as immediately stopping the drones or returning them to the flight zone.

Choosing a service provider who scrupulously respects these safety measures is essential to ensure that your event runs smoothly. When making your choice, be sure to ask the professionals you meet about their emergency protocols. A reliable provider will be able to give you precise, reassuring details.

A well-organized drone light show is not just visually stunning. It must also comply with all regulatory aspects to ensure a safe and breathtaking experience for all.

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