Illuminated drones or fireworks: which is the best option for your event?

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When it comes to adding a spectacular touch to an event, two options often come to mind: illuminated drones and fireworks. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but which one is best suited to your event? Visit the technological innovation and the traditional magic of fireworks, the choice can be difficult. In this article, we’ll explore the different aspects of these two options to help you make an informed decision.

The advantages and disadvantages of illuminated drones

Illuminated drones: a good thing for the environment

Illuminated drones have a major advantage over fireworks in terms of environmental impact . Unlike fireworks, which emit fumes and chemical residues, drones are a more environmentally-friendly option. They run on rechargeable batteries and emit no pollutants, making them a more sustainable choice.

Lighted drone shows: flexible and personalized

Another strong point of illuminated drones is their flexibility. You can customize the show to suit the theme of your event, the venue and even the music. The possibilities are almost endless, from shapes to colors to movements. What’s more, drones can be programmed for highly complex performances, adding an extra dimension to your show.

The downside of glow drones: the budget

The initial cost of a lighted drone show is often higher than that of a fireworks display, although this also depends on the complexity of the show and the number of drones used. On average today, a lighted drone show is two to three times more expensive than a fireworks display.

The pros and cons of fireworks

Fireworks: a tradition at events

Fireworks have a long history and are often associated with major celebrations and important events. Their visual impact is undeniable: the explosions of color and form in the night sky have a magical effect that leaves the public in awe. Who doesn’t remember the fireworks they saw as a child?

Fireworks for small budgets

Unlike lighted drone shows, which can require a more substantial investment, fireworks are often considered a more affordable option. They are accessible to different budgets, making them popular for a variety of events, from small celebrations to large gatherings.

Fireworks, harmful to health and the environment

Unfortunately, fireworks have major drawbacks for the environment and health. For example, they are responsible for many forms of pollution. The noise of explosions can cause stress and panic in animals, sometimes leading to the abandonment of their young, reproductive problems and even death in some cases.

Fireworks also contain fine particles of the metals used to color them, such as copper, aluminum and barium, which can cause skin, cognitive and gastrointestinal problems. Long-term exposure to these particles is associated with risks of lung cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Illuminated drones or fireworks: how to choose?

Depending on your type of event

The type of event you’re organizing is central to your choice of show. Lighted drone shows are ideal for modern, high-tech events, where innovation and personalization are key. Fireworks, on the other hand, are more traditional and perfectly suited to festive celebrations such as weddings, national holidays or sporting events. Pay attention to safety and regulations which are different for these two types of show.

Illuminated drones or fireworks: depending on your budget

Budget is obviously a determining factor. Fireworks are generally more affordable, but drone shows, while more expensive, offer greater flexibility and customization options. Don’t hesitate to compare what is possible in each of these two options, with the same budget.

Depending on your artistic and environmental objectives

Finally, your artistic and environmental objectives can play a crucial role in your decision. If you’re looking to minimize the environmental impact of your event, illuminated drones are a greener option. What’s more, they offer unique artistic possibilities, such as synchronization with music or other forms of performance. Although not yet widespread, they are sure to make a lasting impression.

If you can’t decide between illuminated drones and fireworks, it’s also possible to mix the two. This is what Stellair Show offers in some of its shows.

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