What authorizations are required for a drone show?

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Drone shows are becoming increasingly popular in France for outdoor events such as weddings, concerts, festivals, corporate events and celebrations. These shows offer breathtaking visual effects and synchronized performances that impress audiences. However, before a drone show can be organized in France, it is important to obtain the appropriate authorizations from local and national authorities.

Authorizations :

Here is an overview of the authorizations required for a drone show in France:

  1. Authorization from the Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile (DGAC): In France, the DGAC is the authority responsible for regulating drones. For a drone show, the organizer must obtain authorization from the DGAC. This authorization is granted after an assessment of the drone’s risks and flight plans.

  2. Authorization from local authorities: In addition to DGAC authorization, organizers must obtain approval from local authorities to hold a drone show. This can include municipal authorities, local police and fire departments.

  3. Liability insurance: Organizers of drone shows must take out liability insurance to cover damage caused by drones during the show. This insurance must cover bodily injury and property damage.

  4. Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA): Organizers of drone shows must carry out a risk assessment to identify potential hazards and implement appropriate safety measures to minimize these risks.

  5. Flight plan: A flight plan must be drawn up for each drone used in the show. This plan must include flight routes, altitudes and flight times for each drone.

Confidentiality in the event of a film :

In addition, the organizer must ensure compliance with confidentiality and data protection regulations. Camera-equipped drones must not record images of people without their consent.

To sum up, a drone show in France requires several authorizations and safety measures to guarantee the safety of the public and drone operators. Organizers must obtain approval from the DGAC and local authorities, and take out civil liability insurance. They must also carry out risk assessments and draw up flight plans for each drone used. By complying with these regulations, organizers can put on a safe and breathtaking drone show for the public to enjoy.

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